Yosemite May 2013

Just completed our Yosemite Workshop, the water was wonderful; the Dogwood flowers were past their prime, but the grasses were green, soft and really lovely as was the light.  The falls were full and even though the snow has melted, the falls did not seem to be impeded.  We met a great gentleman named Tom who watches and photographs the climbers; he also tells great stories of the history of climbing in Yosemite.  We saw one bear, plenty of deer and one coyote.

Our group was a great bunch, fun to be with and they all got some wonderful images.  Yosemite in the spring cannot be beat!!!  We worked with filters with everyone, especially neutral density filters, to slow and soften the images of the water; always carry your filters when around any kind of moving water.  We used a Singh Ray Vari-N-Duo filter for the water falls in the valley.

Waterfall in Yosemite

The water was given the softening effect with the use of a neutral density filter.

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