Death Valley and Alabama Hills Photo Workshop

This location has some of the most interesting geology in the world. Death Valley has intrigued the traveler and photographer for hundreds of years. We will visit sand dunes, magnificent rock formations, dramatic badland areas; plus we have some lesser-traveled areas that we enjoy photographing while in the Park. We move on to Lone Pine, in the Eastern Sierras to photograph a whole new area; the big boulders, arches and truly interesting area of Alabama Hills at the base of Mt Whitney—always a surprise and joy to everyone on this trip. Along the way to Lone Pine, we have two or three special areas we stop for unique photo opportunities. We end our tour at Manzanar, a well thought out National Park Historic Site along the highway near Lone Pine.

LOGISTICS:Arrive for a Wednesday meeting at 6 pm for introductions, meet and greet and the overall plan for the workshop. Workshop is over at noon on Sunday. We will photograph Death Valley Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning and depart for Lone Pine Saturday morning (after the early morning photo shoot)—photographing along the way to Lone Pine (with several interesting photo stops along the way). Saturday night we will be in Lone Pine and depending on timing and conditions, photograph the Alabama Hills Saturday night, –but definitely Sunday morning. Mid Sunday morning—we head for Manzanar, and this is a very powerful and thoughtful place to end our tour, and has many photo opportunities there too. While we are at Death Valley, we have a meeting room for discussions and exchanges, photo critiquing and teaching; although we always try to teach hands on in the field.

TRAVEL: (We start in Death Valley and end in Lone Pine, Ca) Logically it makes sense to fly in and out of Las Vegas (even though the return drive to the airport is a bit longer)

Airport distances: (approximately)

Las Vegas to Furnace Creek, Death Valley: 2 hours 15 minutes

Lone Pine to Las Vegas: 4 hours

Lone Pine to Reno, Nevada: 4.5 hours

Lone Pine to Los Angeles: 3.5 hours

Rental Car: Four wheel drive is not necessary, but try to get a car with a high clearance (we do travel on some gravel, bumpy roads)

DATES: November 30 (6 pm) to December 4 (noon)
COST (TUITION): $1,099 – First Time Attendees
$999 – Returning Alumni (Individuals that have attended one of our other workshops)
Meals, transportation, lodging, and park fees are not included.
**There is a National Park Fee for Death Valley National Park
FIRST HOTEL: 3/16, 3/17, 3/18 Furnace Creek Ranch
Furnace Creek
Death Valley, CA
ROOM RATES: $160 per night plus taxes and resort fee (Wi-Fi free)
Note: Our block of rooms will release on October 30th.
To request a room under our block; please mention Block code 754461 Silverman’s Photography
HOTEL RESERVATION: Phone: 760 786 2345
SECOND HOTEL: 3/19 Dow Villa
310 S Main St
Lone Pine, CA
ROOM RATES: Approx $76 (plus tax) Note: Our block of rooms will release on October 30th.
To request a room under our block; please mention: Silvermans Photography Group
HOTEL RESERVATION: Phone: 760 876 5521
  • All levels of photographic experience is welcome.
  • There is minimal hiking involved.
  • We always are available to coach and encourage in the field and anxious to share any knowledge or inspiration that we have. We do photograph during the workshop; this affords us the ability to help everyone find interesting shots, anticipate any problems or challenges, and would you want to order a dinner at a restaurant where the chef has not tasted his own cooking? But our emphasis and purpose is not to gather images for ourselves, but to find, inspire and teach; otherwise why would we lead a workshop?
  • This is a really fun workshop, full of good photo opportunities, good camaraderie and great memories.
  • We encourage our participants to carry travel insurance.
  • Once you have registered, you will receive an acknowledgement from us and prior to the event, we will send out an information sheet on specific logistics for the workshop.
  • During our initial meeting, we will encourage and help to organize car-pooling for the parts of the workshop where it is possible.
  • Silvermans Photography is an authorized permittee of the National Park Service for Death Valley National Park
CANCELLATION POLICY: We ask that full payment is made upon registration. Cancellation 30 days prior to an event will generate a full refund, minus a $50 handling fee. There is no refund for cancellations less than 30 days before the event. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance in the event you need to cancel on short notice, especially if you will be purchasing airline tickets.
REGISTER FOR WORKSHOP Use the Paypal Button below or contact us via the Contact Form to pay with a check.
Please send us an email telling us that you have registered.

Death Valley National Park Workshop

NOTE: Once you have registered, we will send out a final registration form and a letter about gear, clothing and logistics will be sent prior to the workshop; however, if you have any questions, you are always welcome to phone or email us.