Scott Kelby Testimonial - Silvermans Photo Workshops “I got the opportunity to spend some time with Susan and Neil at one of their workshops, and I have to say, I have honestly never seen instructors work as hard as they do to make certain their students got more than their money’s worth. They are passionate, thorough, and awfully fun teachers who are totally dedicated to giving their students the best workshop experience possible and I can’t recommend them enough. Worth every penny and then some!”          Scott Kelby
President and CEO of KelbyOne
Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User magazine
Author of the bestselling Digital Photography Book series
Matt Kloskowski “Having been on several workshops with Neil and Susan I can tell you this: I’ve never seen a couple more dedicated to getting you to the right place, at the right time, with the knowledge you need to come home with amazing photos.”          Matt Kloskowski
Owner of Matt Kloskowski Photography and Training
“Over the years I’ve worked with some of the most highly rated nature photography instructors & photographers in the world, including, John Shaw, the late Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, David Muench, and many more. Susan and Neil Silverman are two of the very best teachers and shooters I’ve had the honor to work with! If you do a workshop with them, I can assure you that you will learn a lot and have a great time in the process!”         Bill Fortney

“We just got our wedding album back today and I’ve got to tell you it turned out absolutely beautiful! We are so stoked and I’m going to make an extra album and send it to you as a token of our appreciation for all your hard work” 

Bryan & Peggy – December 2023

“Thank you for your outstanding class………You have inspired me to become a much better photographer and I thank you so very much” 

Susan T. – August 2023

“Thank you so very much! It was a remarkable class and I learned so much. Trying out new ways to take pictures and I left a message at NW Art School today letting them know how great class was and that I would take it again if offered.” 

Karyn S. – June 2023

“Thank you for such a great workshop! I learned a lot and my attitude toward using my iPhone to take photos has shifted towards “I think I can do this now.” ….The workshop was also valuable to me for using my new Canon Powershot, to take better and more interesting photos.” 

Gail B. – June 2023

“Thank you so much. Really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.” 

Jeff – April 2023

“We had to educate our daughter and son in law on the proper way to hold the camera, how to take group pictures, vertical vs horizontal and lots more. They were impressed. We will keep in touch when we return.” 

Jeff & Veronica – April 2023

“I think that was the most productive session I have spent learning photography. I can’t thank you enough for taking your valuable time to teach me all that new tips and tricks that I will use from now on! I know this will not be the last session.” 

Claudia – December 2022

“Your class was outstanding. I have 9 pages of notes!”

Terry S. – November 2022

“Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.” 

Barbara H. – October 2022

“Love your courses. They keep evolving and there is always encouragement.” 

Tina H. – February 2022

“Thank you for an amazing photography workshop! I truly enjoyed every minute and all the lovely people attending….. Thank you so much for your patience with me – I learned so much from you both! ….I loved having the opportunity to capture this in our class… you found the light for us all”

Pam H. – October 2021

“Thank you so much for the class. It was absolutely packed with great information and helpful advice. But even more lovely was your depth of experience and wisdom. I also love seeing peers who are masters in their field demonstrate their craft, creativity, art and enthusiasm. What is also remarkable is your embrace of the newest technology without a whiff of resentment or nostalgia for the past. That is graceful.” 

Jane R. – July 2021

“Susan and Neil did a family photo session with our new baby. It was a great experience and we got beautiful photographs. They were able to wrangle our baby into looking at the camera, which was quite a feat. They are fun and friendly professionals, and take beautiful photos. I highly recommend them.” 

Katie F. – December 2019

“We had the good fortune to hire Susan and Neil Silverman as the photographers for our wedding. Throughout the process, they were present and fully engaged. From the initial interview (months in advance), to the periodic check-ins with changes to the agenda, to the day before (when we were decorating the hall with family from out of town), to the big day itself, they knew what to look for, what questions to ask, what suggestions to make, and how to manage the complexities of shooting a combination of formally posed and candid shots throughout the big day. 

Susan and Neil Silverman are the consummate pros. It’s clear to anyone watching them work that everything they do and suggest on a shoot is coming from years of experience. We found ourselves grateful for, and able to relax into, their approach and friendly suggestions, especially in the intensity of the wedding day. With them in charge of pictures, we were in good hands. And finally, the pictures were exquisite!”

Karl F. – December 2019

“Just want to thank you again for the enjoyable and informative workshop! Your warm welcome and style of teaching made for a most inspiring atmosphere. Before the class even met, you’d thought of everything to make the day go smoothly. Your enthusiasm for being in the moment, capturing the wonders that catch one’s eye, and making the best of what one ends up with were all evident in your clear guidance, helpful presentations and gentle humor. I hope you’ll continue to offer more workshops like this one. I’ll be encouraging friends to check out your website for future events.” 

Patricia K. – October 2018

“I’ve been on a lot of workshops with other groups, but I know there is always one thing I can depend on when I’m with the Silvermans – They will bring us to the right places at the right times for the best shots available.

Their preparation for each trip is incredible.  You’d think, once you’ve been somewhere once, you could lead a workshop with your eyes closed, right?  In fact, that’s what many workshop leaders seem to think.  But the Silvermans do additional research and planning for each trip.  If the roads are closed in one place, or the flowers are blooming in another, they are right on top of it.  If it’s cloudy or windy, they always have Plans B, C, and D ready to go.  Not an hour is wasted.

We’re now to the point where all other photo workshops are judged by the standards set by the Silvermans.  They ARE the standard!”

Kevin H.
Multiple Workshop Attendee

“Susan and Neil’s mastery of photography make them the perfect instructors of this dynamic art form. Having taken four workshops from them, my skills and images have improved dramatically. Their lessons are easy to adopt and have become a critical foundation for my work. Workshops are well organized with both time in the classroom as well as time for capturing the best light.
Arrive rested because Neil and Susan’s enthusiasm and encouragement will light a fire under your feet and ignite your mind with the possibilities.”

Erin G.

“For the last two years the Silverman’s have generously come to our club, Santa Rosa Photographic Society and spoken on the subject of Photography. Their presentations have covered many subjects, exposure, composition, lighting, gear and the list goes on. They are knowledgeable in numerous areas and generous in their desire to add to the knowledge and ability of others wanting to improve their skills. I highly recommend them if you are considering increasing your ability and Photographic skills.” 

Terry C.

“Neil and Susan select great locations at the right time (and they know lots of special,lesser known spots). Critiques along with seminars on shooting, software, gear and a broad range of experience from other participants make their workshops a rich experience. Don’t be fooled by their low workshop pricing. Their workshops are an extraordinary deal and experience. Their whole package why so many of us keep going back… and will continue to do so. My portfolio has many images from their workshops. Thanks Neil and Susan!” 

Kirk D

“I have taken at least 4 classes given by the Silvermans and each class has increased my photography knowledge immensely. Neil and Susan have a way of imparting a great deal of valuable information in a manner that makes it immediately useful. They are elegant photographers as well. We hired them to photograph our son’s wedding and we were stunned at the quality of the photos and the wedding book they produced.” 

Jeff B.

“I have attended five of the Silverman’s workshops. Neil and Susan scout areas and form local contacts that provide participants great photographic opportunities. Having two knowledgable photographers as leaders really increases the learning experience. The workshops are a great value, AND Neil and Susan are lots of fun. I would definitely recommend them.”  

Mary D.

“I have taken several workshops with Susan and Neil since 2008, and every time I am amazed at how knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic they are no matter what kind of shooting you do. They help you on the field as well in the classroom when reviewing photos of the day. You will see your surroundings differently after shooting with them since they teach you how to take advantage of different angles and how to compose the scene. Regardless of your level of knowledge in photography, they can help you progress further. I have left their workshops with several photos that I entered into photo competitions and won. You build friendship with Susan and Neil. They are available to help you even after the workshop is over. This means a lot to me. I would take another photography workshop with Susan and Neil Silverman without any hesitation.” 


“I have been with the Silverman’s for three different workshops in places as diverse as Banff, the Palouse and Yellowstone. In each workshop they have found unique locations and shots that I would not have found on my own such as an old abandoned truck in the middle of a field off of a dirt road or a hillside that gave a panoramic view of the entire Palouse area.
I have found the Silverman’s to be very friendly and professional. They encourage and stretch each photographer in the workshop to find their own personal vision in their photography. They are always there with a suggestion or help.”

John J.

“Thank you for all of your patience and help and for the grand sense of hospitality and community you both created with such a fun and inspiring group of people.” 

Lisa K.

“I’ve worked with Susan and Neil quite a few times. I really enjoy working with them as an instructor, they’re very personable yet informative. Their instructive qualities are great, especially on their selected location sites. The thing I enjoy most is sharing with them the creative spirit and I look forward to doing it again soon.”         David Muench


“Thanks again for your time and critiques today. You both were so thoughtful and helpful…You are so very kind, Neil. Thank you so much.” 

Barbara M. – Nov 2023

“Thanks for an excellent class! I had no idea the iPhone could do all that it does.

I’m writing this email simply to give my thanks.” 

Cynthia G. – June 2023

“I sooo enjoyed every minute of the class, which flew by. You compliment each other beautifully in your presentation” 

Susan T. – June 2023

“Just started the redemption process. I’m so thrilled to have this opportunity. I’ll be sure to post on my social media sites with hashtags. Thanks again. And I’m putting a lot of what I learned to use!” 

Penny C. – May 2023

“Thank you both, that was an awesome class.”

Jeanne P. – April 2023

“The workshop was awesome. As always, Susan and Neil are great and as always I learn new skills from both…enjoyed the class and the instructors!”

Sunyo – April 2023

“They have such great vision and composition with great equipment to adjust to difficult lighting. I am so glad we had them as our photographers!”

Peggy & Brian – December 2022

“You folks rock! Nobody puts on a better photography workshop!” 

Frank B. – Novemeber 2022

“Thank you! Uploaded successfully. These are prize photos.” 

Wendy C. – November 2022

“Learned so many useful tips. Thank you!” 

Brenda – October 2022

“Thank you for a great program! Already bragging about and showing my friends my new phone tricks.” 

Julie H. – October 2022

“Love to go to more of your seminars.
Hi! I recently went to a seminar of yours at the SRJC. Such a fun class! I… am interested in future courses.”

Shayne – April 2022

“Susan and Neil photographed us pre-wedding, during our wedding, and post-wedding. Pre-wedding was very important because that was when we would acclimate to their directing style. They took us out to a beautiful location on a beautiful evening. I cannot emphasize enough how vital this pre-wedding shoot is. It made my husband eventually break out from his extreme EXTREME discomfort of having his photo taken. This made wedding day photos feel so much better and relaxed.

Day of wedding photos were amazing. A couple things to keep in mind are to have a list of family members/groups of who you want photos of and to have a backup pair of glasses (or be prepared to have no glasses) if you have transitions! They got great pictures of everyone, even with harsh direct sun, and action and candid shots! I loved the detail shots of our decorations also.

They have such great vision and composition with great equipment to adjust to difficult lighting. I am so glad we had them as our photographers!”

Em H. – January 2020

“I am a casual photographer but enjoy sharing my pics with family and friends, and am therefore interested in doing a better job with the camera. Toward this end, I have taken a couple of day classes with the Silvermans. Both experiences were rewarding in that the day itself was fun and the information presented has certainly changed the way I do things with the camera. They have it down with their presentation but the pace of the class is casual enough to allow time for discussion and questions. Highly recommended.”  

Todd S. – December 2019

“Neil and Susan Silverman recently photographed our family of 10. The photo is wonderful! All of our faces are beautifully lit with great smiles. They found the perfect spot outside our house.
They have state of the art photographic equipment and supplies. Their editing expertise is excellent. Their guidance for what to wear was very helpful. Our picture has a good feeling that captures three generations together. We usually rely on timers and family shots to document our memories, and we will continue to do that, but our investment in a professional photograph in a beautiful setting with everyone looking good was well worth it. We highly recommend Neil and Susan Silverman for your family photograph!”

Monica B. – December 2019

“Great class yesterday.
I would not have noticed or I would have ignored the light on the metronome if I hadn’t taken your class. I look forward to taking your classes in the future”

Davis S. – September 2018

“Having experienced workshops both on line and out in the field with Susan and Neil, I couldn’t recommend a better photography learning experience. Both are incredibly generous in sharing their skills, extensive knowledge and passion for photography that it just keeps me coming back to learn more. The extensive planning that both put in to all workshops is clearly visible and rewarding as we were always in the right location at the perfect time of day.”

Renee D.
Online & Live Workshop Attendee

“This year’s Yosemite Tour with Neil and Susan is my fourth tour with the Silvermans. The tours have been literally the highlight of my year because of the intimate interaction with both Neil and Susan. Both are always willing and eager to answer questions, show techniques, tips, and tricks which makes the tours so productive. The knowledge and experience that Neil and Susan share with all participants is astounding. I don’t believe you can put a price on the benefits of spending four days with these guys! I am definitely a better photographer because of Neil and Susan.”

Bob A.
Multiple Workshop Attendee

“Susan and Neil have been so generous with their time and talents and it’s always a joy to hear them present at our club meetings. Their images do the teaching for them, but they don’t stop there! I’ve learned so much about equipment, techniques and travel photography from them, and have enjoyed their relaxed style and great stories. Wonderful photographers and wonderful teachers!”
Trisha B.

“If you aren’t sure whether you can be a good photographer and you want to learn from the experts…take this class. They are truly nonjudgmental and give practical tools for taking good pictures. It’s a real adventure to see things from a new perspective and be able to capture them in a good shot. Come prepared to shoot lots of pictures and learn from what makes for a great photo.” 

Gee Gee W.

“Neil and Susan really know how to put together a great workshop. The workshop I attended to Bar Harbor Maine was a wonderful experience. They both do whatever it takes to get amazing photos and go above and beyond for their students. They are exceptional teachers and really helped me improve my photography skills.” 

Hilton G.

“I’ve been on two workshops with Neil and Susan and anticipate more. They had access to elite private vineyards and wineries in Napa and Sonoma wine country that far surpassed anything I’d seen — and I’ve lived here many years. Their wine country workshop experience motivated me to attend the Teton workshop. Once again, and this time without the home field advantage, every morning started with our cameras perfectly oriented to stunning morning light bathing an iconic vista. They have the whole package: knowledge, professional yet casual and devoted to improving your photography skills. Be prepared, however, because when magical light or wildlife appears they may be even more enthusiastic than you — and you can’t ask for more inspiration than that!” 

Richard S.

“We have been to several of Neil & Susan’s workshops (Palouse, Bosque & White Sands and Yosemite) and give them the highest possible recommendation. Neil and Susan are fun, high-spirited but with a great sense of “flexible organization.” They take you to all the “must have” iconic spots as well as to their “special” places. They are both great teachers and are current with the latest technologies. You get great value for your money. The only suggestion I would make to participants is pack in lots of sleep before the workshop starts.” 

Steve & Sylvia O.

“They always research the area, know the best places and times to shoot. They are incredibly knowledgeable about equipment of all kinds. They both share their understanding of how to obtain the best shots and how to improve our work, bringing it to a higher level of achievement. We highly recommend any of the Silverman led workshops.” 

Janet and Ira G.

“Susan and Neil meet you wherever you are in your photographic journey in terms of skill, knowledge, equipment and interests. The workshops are pleasant, great value for money, and the two of them really DO get you to the right place at the right time for the right image!”  

Gary P.

“I have done 10 photography workshops and tours with the Silvermans and would happily do more. Individually they’re each great photographers, and together they create a wonderful synergy. Neil runs a very organized program and Susan makes sure no one is “left behind”. All of their trips are well researched so they have multiple options in case of varying weather conditions. They take their teaching responsibility very seriously. And one of the best parts is they do group meals to create a sense of cohesion and comradery. I highly recommend shooting with the Silvermans.”  

Robert D.

“Thank you, Neil and Susan, for yet another memorable workshop with you.” 

Elisabeth S.