Summertime in Iceland

We are on a personal trip to Iceland and the scenery is as magnificent as one thinks it is.  Some new “things”  we have learned–at least new to us–how friendly and sincere the people are; they are not jaded from their burgeoning tourism. It’s clean and organized without feeling over structured.

Here are some pictures taken from our iPhone. We will post some better images once we return and have a chance to edit them all.

Sculptured Art

Wedding Photographer & Director

This time of year we have not yet witnessed darkness. Neil saw the most beautiful light and sky on Monday at 3 am…who can say if it was sunset or sunrise.

A lot of greenhouses have heat provided by the many thermals and mini geysers. This time of year has plenty of daylight to grow the veggies.

Greenhouse in the Fog


Someone had problems with their camera giving an error message and we suggested taking the battery out for a minimum of fifteen minutes to reset the computer internally in the camera and so far it has solved the problem.

Graffiti Art Panorama

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