We are in The Palouse working out of Pullman, WA this year and staying at the newly renovated Hilltop Inn which is really slick. It’s really nice place to stay and run our workshop from. They have done a nice job on the remodeling.

The weather is all over the map “sun and rain”; however, the hills are really really green and plush; much earlier than usual, hardly any brown bare ground around.  A bull moose, cow and calf have been reported at the base of Steptoe Butte, but we have not as yet spotted them.  Steptoe Butte now has a small sign designating it as a State Park requiring the Discover Pass for the entrance, although there is no gate.  (This pass can be purchased online or at the Chevron station in Colfax).  Reportedly Steptoe Butte may be partially closed for several months in the upcoming future as they are going to revise the towers at the top.

Speaking of man-made objects, the Wind Turbines “of the future” have come into view in the horizon from the top of Steptoe Butte.  Although they do not as yet impede on the magnificence of the landscape, we are sure they will become more and more prevalent.  Some of our images from years gone by are now “classic” without the turbines in the horizon.  Oh well, life changes and probably they will become a design element for the  many photographers.