We just finished up our workshop in Coupeville at the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound. This is a beautiful place with great photo ops. Our “focus” was on people photography and the wonderful landscapes on the island.

Roster Portrait

This bird was definitely in charge of the hen house


Eggs in a gloved hand

The birds on this farm are very happy and have a good life

One cool bit of information that we learned: Since it’s a small town the banker at the Wells Fargo spent quite a bit of time with us and recommended setting up an independent banking account and ATM for times when we travel.  He said that if we were to be hacked (dread the thought); it would be only that separate account that we would fund with limited money for our travels. There would not be any access to our other major account accounts. This was a great tip. We would never hear anything like that from our busy busy local branch. He was a great guy and came to the Farmers Market on Coupeville so we could photograph him and his daughter.

Father and Daughter playing

Higher Daddy

Everyone had a great time in a computer repair shop (of all places). We had been walking in town and saw the beautiful light and beautiful musical instruments in his window.  The owner is a character and a cellist and we photographed him with his cello. He had stories to tell that never ended.

We also got some great shots of a bike rider who was riding through Ebey’s Landing (over and over for us–up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill) and always a great sport about it. We also met a wonderful family and did a family portrait session that where everyone learned a lot. We photographed their family riding horses in an arena and then our grand finale was on a local farm photographing the landscape, animals, guinea hens, beautiful vistas, etc.

Young Boy's portrait

What a smile

We had truffles and champagne at the Compass Rose where Jan and Marshall Bronson entertained us with stories of their journeys traveling the world. It was really a rich workshop, full of local people many of whom we met as we pre-scouted for this particular workshop. The island is full of beauty and gracious “Whidbeyites”. It was a short, but packed full workshop with a lot of good photo ops and each has a memory to go with it.